Sulphate Free Shampoo

The Benefits of Sulphate Free Shampoo

One of the things that people are starting to find out about their shampoo is how much damage it can actually cause to their hair. Sulphates come in various forms and are used as a lathering agent. However, the chemicals can cause certain hair problems. Sulphate free shampoo (also known as sls free shampoo) doesn’t contain the ingredients that can cause these problems.

Sulphate Free ShampooOne of the main problems with sulphates is that the chemicals can irritate your skin and scalp. Many people experience scalp irritation and can’t understand why. They could possibly alleviate the problem by using a sulfate free shampoo. Although the irritation won’t go away immediately after you start using a sulfate free shampoo, it should after a few weeks.

You’ll notice the difference with using sulfate free shampoo immediately though. Without sulphates, you won’t experience a burning sensation if you happen to get sls free shampoo in your eyes.

Problems with sulphates

Another common problem with using shampoos that contain sulphates is that they can damage your hair follicles.

There have been plenty of studies conducted showing this to be the case. Damage to your hair follicles will keep your hair from growing well, and may even cause it to fall out at a higher rate than normal. You’ll definitely want to keep this from happening, so using a sls free shampoo can be really helpful.

If you make use of some type of color in your hair, then you should definitely consider using sls free shampoo. Without the presence of those harmful chemicals, your dye or highlight job will last much longer. You won’t have to keep going back for touch-ups if you use sulphate free shampoo.

Natural oils and shampoo

A common concern when it comes to using standard shampoos is that they can strip too much oil from your hair. Oil helps your hair look healthier, so it will likely look frizzier if there isn’t enough oil present. If you use sls free shampoo, you won’t have to worry about too much oil being stripped away.

A potentially serious consequence of not using sulfate free shampoo is the development of cancer. Although it hasn’t been proven conclusively, some scientists speculate that sulfates can lead to immune system damage and development of cancer. Even if it’s just speculation, it’s better to be safe than sorry and start using shampoo which is free of sulphates.

Sulfate free shampoo and foam

The only major problem that you’ll have when it comes to sulphate free shampoo is the lack of foam involved with using it. Sulphates are foaming agents that are used in many types of soaps and detergents. When you start using sls free shampoo, you’ll probably miss all the lather that you’re used to.

As a matter of fact, some people who use shampoo which is free from sulphates don’t think it’s actually capable of working efficiently, so they start using more than they have to. Just know that sulphate free shampoo can do its intended job even without all the foam.

Now you know some of the main benefits of using sls free shampoo. If you care about your hair, then you’ll need to do all you can to protect it from damage. Using sulphate free shampoo will definitely help.