Sodium Chloride Free Shampoo

Are you considering getting rid of your old shampoo and switching to sodium chloride free shampoo? You might be thinking that you want to but it’s just more expensive than what you’re used to. To make that decision easier for you, here are some helpful facts regarding sodium chloride free shampoo.

In order to better understand sodium chloride free shampoo, it is essential to know what sodium chloride or more popularly known as salt does to your hair. Sodium chloride in general draws moisture away from anything, that’s exactly why salt is often used to dry things. That is why it makes your hair dry and at times brittle because it takes the moisture away from your hair. At times it is used in hair straightening but because of the damaging effect it may cause on the hair as well as the skin. It is only recommended to be used or done by a hair professional. Some even believe that sodium chloride decreases hair growth and increases the chances of hair fall.

Most hair treatments these days make use of keratin, a natural protein, as an ingredient. Although naturally found in hair, when added to hair products, it helps smoothen, repair, and protect your hair and scalp. It is being used these days to treat persistently wavy and frizzy hair. Keratin treatment is popularly done after hair coloring. These procedures do not come cheap and not using a sodium chloride free shampoo will simply reverse the process. Welcome back waves and frizz and that reddish hair color that you’ve worked so hard on will lose its color faster than you would have expected.

Sodium chloride free shampoo does not dry your hair, it does not make it weak, it does not make you lose your hair nor will it make it fall. On the contrary it will help manage your hair dilemmas. A sodium chloride free shampoo easily restores body to your hair. You won’t have to keep going back to the beauty salon for constant touch ups. No more spending more money on numerous hair products to make your hair look better. Using a sodium chloride free shampoo is the healthier option and much more economical in the long run.

You might notice that sodium chloride free shampoo does not produce as much foam as the other products. Don’t worry, it still cleans and refreshes your hair better than other shampoos. Switching to sodium chloride free shampoo is the healthier option. You diminish the use of unhealthy chemicals on your hair. Protect your hair from unnecessary damage. No more bad hair days knowing that you have healthy, soft, shiny and properly moisturized hair. You can wear your hair down without being so overly conscious about it.

It is recommended to use other natural hair products in conjunction with this shampoo. Check the label before you purchase them. There are a lot of conditioners in the market made out of natural oils from fruits and herbs. They will leave you smelling good and feeling refreshed.

Your hair is your crowning glory so use only the best product in the market. Use a sodium chloride free shampoo.