Organic Shampoo

Society is making movements to go green in everything ranging from food to cars. Organic shampoo, also known as natural shampoo, is certainly becoming more and more popular. Organic shampoo doesn’t use certain ingredients found in standard shampoo that can produce negative side effects. There are however certain advantages and disadvantages of making the switch from a standard shampoo.

The benefits and drawbacks of using an organic shampoo

When you shampoo your head, you’re used to all the lather so you’ll know it’s working. Organic shampoo doesn’t contain the sulfates responsible for this foaming action. Therefore, you won’t see that much lather whenever you use organic shampoo. This is one of the most common complaints from people who have made the switch.

The particular type of natural shampoo that you buy will need to make up for this. Keep searching until you find a brand that works well for you.

Organic ShampooAnother problem that you may have when it comes to organic shampoo is that you’ll probably end up using more of it than your standard shampoo. Since there isn’t that much later, people go over their hair two or three times to ensure that it’s clean. This means that you’ll end up using two or three times more sls free shampoo.

You can expect these expenses to add up over time after making the switch to organic shampoo. To make matters worse however is that these shampoos are traditionally more expensive than standard shampoo.

The advantages of a natural shampoo

All of these disadvantages are literally a small price to pay for the benefits that sls free and natural shampoos provide. If you frequently experience scalp irritation or inflammation, then making the switch to organic shampoo can be very beneficial. The lack of sulfates means that none of the ingredients in the organic shampoo will irritate your scalp.

You’ll especially know how irritating these ingredients can be if you ever get your shampoo in your eyes. It will undoubtedly start burning. This isn’t much of a problem with natural shampoo since there will be no sulfates to cause this irritation.

Standard shampoos can cause nasty side effects such as hair loss. Some of the chemicals can damage the hair follicles causing them to become weakened. You’ll help keep your hair follicles in a health state if you start using sulfate free shampoo since there won’t be any harmful chemicals.

One of the most important benefits of switching to sulfate free shampoo is that sulfates can remove oil from your hair. Although this is beneficial if there is excessive oil production, it won’t be very useful if your hair produces oil at a normal rate. SLS free shampoo will help keep beneficial oil in your hair so that it looks healthier and less frizzy.

Making an sls free shampoo

Another reason to like natural shampoo is because it can easily be made at home. Most of the ingredients should be in your cupboards or refrigerator already. Making your own sls free shampoo at home would definitely help save money.

As you can see, there are certain benefits of using an organic or natural shampoo. However, the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages, so you should definitely consider making the switch to organic shampoo for the protection of your hair.