Natural Shampoo

Consumers are starting to realize how harmful ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate are.  This is prompting many of them to make the switch to natural shampoo.  This type of shampoo can be quite beneficial to your hair and scalp, as long as you use it correctly.  Here are a few tips for using this type of shampoo which is also known as sulfate free or sls free shampoo.

Tips for Using a Natural Shampoo

Before you apply natural shampoo to your head, it’s important that you make sure your hair is nice and wet.  You’ll also need to ensure that you spread the sls free shampoo evenly over all areas of your head for maximum effectiveness.  Since the hairline is one of the places where dirt accumulates the most, make sure that you put a little bit extra sulfate free shampoo there.

Many people use their fingertips when applying shampoo on their head.  It’s best that you use the balls of your fingers instead.  This will allow you to massage your scalp more effectively.

Washing your hair with SLS free shampoo

When you use sls free shampoo, you’ll probably have to wash your head multiple times.  Many people have a problem with the fact that sls free shampoo doesn’t lather that much, so they go over their hair a second time to ensure that it’s really clean.  If your hair is very dirty, then you’ll especially need a second application of sls free shampoo.

Just make sure that you don’t use shampoo on your head too often.  Although natural shampoo is much gentler than standard shampoo, it’s still possible for you to overdo it.  You wouldn’t want to remove too much oil from your hair which would possibly lead to damage.

After you have finished washing your hair, it’s vital that you rinse it thoroughly.  Even though sulfate free shampoo is much less harmful than its standard counterpart, you still don’t want to leave any residue in your head.  Leftover sls free shampoo can cause damage to your hair.

Natural ShampooIt’s also important to note that your hair will be very fragile after you have finished cleaning it with sls free shampoo.  When hair is wet, you can easily cause damage to it when trying to dry it off.  Don’t make the mistake of rubbing too hard with a towel, or you’ll easily cause damage.  After you have finished using your shampoo, you should pat your hair until all excess water has been removed.

After your hair is relatively dry, you’ll be able to use a blow dryer to finish it off.  One of the best things about using natural shampoo is that heat tools won’t cause as much damage.  You would definitely need to be careful if you used a standard shampoo instead of natural shampoo.

Purchasing sulfate free shampoo

When buying sulfate free shampoo, make sure that you do your due diligence and shop around.  You can end up spending more money than you have to if you don’t compare prices.  Also, it’s a good idea to check the expiration date of the natural shampoo to make sure you’re buying natural shampoo that will last for months after purchase.

Using natural shampoo on your hair can be very beneficial – just make sure that you follow some of these tips when doing so.